The ASILE Global Portal is an interactive and visually attractive web platform, through which users are able to have direct access the most relevant research findings, reports and outputs in the areas of asylum, refugee and international protection in light of the UN Global Compact on Refugees (UN GCR).

The Portal focuses on providing a unique web-based platform for users to obtain access to all ASILE country-specific research, legislation, policies and scholarly literature by way of an interactive clickable world map.

The country entries are referring to countries playing differing functions in the ASILE project as well as in the national, regional and transnational asylum governance regimes.

Firstly, the Portal provides an in-depth coverage of six UN GCR countries (Canada, Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, South Africa and Turkey), which includes a detailed examination of refugee exclusion/inclusion (protection) through the lenses of containment and mobility instruments and arrangements.

These are all countries offering different ‘protection’ and legal and complementary mobility pathways-instruments for refugees and asylum seekers, including in cases of large-scale movements, which are of great relevance when studying promising practices and lessons learned during the UN GCR implementation.

Secondly, the Portal includes five countries subject to EU cooperation arrangements on migration and asylum governance: Jordan, Niger, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey. The materials offer a critical and exhaustive examination of the implementation dynamics of relevant EU policy, financial and operational arrangements and actors.

The general time-frame of the information and documentation currently available in the Portal ranges from the beginning of 2021 to the current times. Depending on relevant national, regional or international developments, the Portal provides country-specific information updates and data.

The ASILE Global Portal presents two Search Options to user which are characterized by the following functionalities:

  • Simple Search: Add a free text. This search engine will mainly search through the Title and Author fields in the ASILE Portal.
  • Advance Search: It offers a more accurate search by selected the country and/or predefined keywords. In this way the engine can present you the most relevant results.

By clicking on a particular country of interest on the world map, users are presented with the following qualitative and quantitative components:

The Country Fiches

The Country Fiches provide a comprehensive and detailed country-specific overview of the historical background related to migration, asylum and refugee protection. This is complemented by relevant asylum and refugee national statistics which provide in a snapshot a quantitative picture of the asylum phenomenon in all ASILE selected countries.

The Country Fiches include an examination of the notions of containment and mobility in refugee protection in relation to the relevant national asylum and migration governance systems, and how the academic literature has so far engaged with these concepts. The analysis pays particular attention to the most relevant instruments and actors in these areas, and the relevance and potential role played by the UN GCR in the country.

The Country Notes

The Country Notes outline a synthetic overview of key issues by ASILE country in the field of international protection put forward by international and regional human rights mechanisms and bodies.

The Country Notes cover the most relevant documents released by United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms and bodies. These include the UN Charter-based system of human rights protection, including the Universal Period Review(UPR) and the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council, and the UN Human Rights Treaty bodies. The Notes additionally include relevant information and key findings concerning regional monitoring bodies.

The Country Reports

The ASILE Country Reports include two main components: First, an in-depth examination of refugee status determination, vulnerability and the right to work issues in Bangladesh and Jordan, and a study of these same thematic components in relation to specific instruments in Brazil, Canada, South African and Turkey; and second, a detailed mapping and qualitative assessment of the implementation of EU legal, policy, financial and operational arrangements with Turkey, Serbia, Niger and Tunisia.

Academic literature

The Portal offers a selection of country-specific academic literature on asylum and refugee governance, and on the notions of containment and mobility.

Asile Forums

The Portal is complemented by country-specific Blogs and contributions in the various ASILE Forums and collective publications which are bringing together ASILE consortium members, members of the ASILE International Advisory Academic Board, the ASILE Civil Society Group as well as external scholars, experts and civil society representatives.

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