EU and International Responses to People Fleeing War from Ukraine

15 March 2022

This ASILE Project Webinar aims at discussing the immediate EU policy responses to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. It will pay particular attention to the key issues characterizing the recent activation of the 2001 EU Temporary Protection Directive. The event will cover the key issues and challenges regarding the adoption and implementation of the EU Temporary Protection model to the increasing number of entries across EU external borders with Ukraine, including issues related to discrimination of non-European people. It will also explore the specificities of the current situation in comparison to recent past or still ongoing large-scale asylum displacements from past or current armed conflicts in non-European countries like Libya, Afghanistan, or Syria. In light of this, the Webinar will assess the ‘lessons learned’ from experiences by other regions or countries facing protection-seeking large-scale human movements and offering temporary protection and/or regularization programmes, such as in South America (Colombia and Brazil) and Turkey, and – based on the ASILE Project research – will put forward a set of policy recommendations to EU policy makers.


Sergio Carrera

Senior Research Fellow, CEPS and ASILE Project Coordinator 

Opening Speeches by

Ylva Johansson 

Commissioner for Home Affairs and Migration

Gillian Triggs

Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR


Meltem Ineli Ciger

Süleyman Demirel University

Lina Vosyliute


Leiza Brumat

Migration Policy Centre, EUI

Talha Günay

Maastricht University

Event details

Date: 15.03.2022, Tuesday

Time: 13:00 – 14:30