Webinar – The fate of Ukranian refugees

1 March 2023 - 08h15-09h15 (CET)
Via Zoom

This session examines the key implementation issues and open questions regarding the activation of the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) to respond to refugees’ fleeing the war in Ukraine. This will include an assessment of the lessons learned thus far from the practical application of the TPD regime in various Member States, including issues related to practical accessibility to the envisaged set of rights and guarantees – such as access to the TPD status, and rights such as family reunification, labour market, social assistance, housing, etc.

The session includes an assessment of what should be the next policy steps to be taken by the EU. This session falls within the scope of the Horizon 2020 ASILE project. It will also serve as the launchpad of a new e-book co-edited on the EU Temporary Protection responses to the Ukraine War.

Passcode: 732814


Davide Colombi

Research Assistant, CEPS 


Meltem Ineli Ciger

Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and an Associate Professor at the Suleyman Demirel University Faculty of Law

Giulio di Blasi

Member of the Cabinet, Commissioner Ylva Johannson, European Commission

Stefan Maier

Head of Policy and Legal Support Unit, Representation for EU Affairs, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands, UNHCR

Birte Schorpion

Europe Regional Advocacy Coordinator, Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Boldizsár Nagy

Associate Professor, Central European University

Event details

Date: 01.03.2023, Wednesday 1 March 2023 – 08h15-09h15 (CET)

Time: 08:15 – 09:15 (CET)

Via Zoom